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Phone: (385) 503-UFAS (8327)

Email: Support@ufascholarship.com


How many applications have been submitted for the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program?

As of April 21st, we have received 14,748 applications representing 24,690 students. It is important to note that this program is not first-come, first-served. All applications will be placed in enrollment preference categories as they are determined to be eligible. If the number of students eligible exceeds the number of scholarships ACE can award, ACE will be maintaining a waitlist of families who are eligible, but have not yet been awarded. At any time throughout the year that funds become available, we can award students from the waitlist, as long as they are disenrolled from the public school at the time they accept the funds. For more information on the enrollment preference categories, please refer to our website.

How does the portfolio option work?

As a Utah Fits All Scholarship recipient, you have the option to flexibly showcase your learning through a digital portfolio in Unrulr. Here's how it works:

· One-Time Post Requirement: Simply share an update about your learning in Unrulr before the scholarship period ends in Summer ‘25. Though a one time post is all it takes to meet your requirement, Unrulr allows families to capture as many learning opportunities as they’d like, though video, photos and captions, and with the use of tags. These powerful offerings are at the fingertips of every family using UFA.

· Easy Access: Log in to Unrulr using your UFA Single Sign-On account for a hassle-free start.

· Privacy: Your portfolio is a personal space, accessible only to you, your family, and UFA.

This portfolio option offers a simple, flexible way to showcase your learning without the pressure of a standardized test.

What is the Utah Fits All (UFA) Scholarship Program?

The Utah Fits All Scholarship Program, launching for the first time in the 2024-2025 school year is the name of Utah’s brand-new education scholarship account. The UFA Program offers tax-free scholarship funds to eligible students for use toward a variety of allowable education related expenses including tuition and fees, tutoring, curriculum, extracurricular activities, online programs, education related materials, transportation and more. 


Who is administering the program?

The Utah Fits All Scholarship Program is administered by ACE Scholarships, a non-profit organization founded in 2000 to provide K-12 students from lower income families with scholarship funds to attend private schools. ACE is proud to have been serving Utah families since 2022 by partnering with 26 private schools and administering more than 160 scholarships totaling over $500,000. ACE Scholarships is contracted with the Utah State Board of Education for the administration of the Program. 


Is the Utah Fits All scholarship different than the other ACE Scholarship in Utah?

Yes! The application process, eligible expenses and help center are completely separate from one other. Here is some information on both scholarship programs. 


Utah Fits All (UFA) Scholarship Program, administered by ACE Scholarships:

The UFA Scholarship is Utah’s education scholarship account, and is launching for the first time in the 2024-2025 school year. The UFA Program offers $8,000 of tax-free scholarship funds to eligible students through a digital wallet account. Scholarship students may use the funds on many education related expenses, such as tuition and fees, curriculum and educational materials, online courses or programs, transportation, tutoring, therapies and more.


ACE Private Scholarships (administered since 2022):

ACE offers partial tuition scholarships to students from lower-income families so that they may attend the private school of their choice, so long as the school is an ACE partner school. An ACE scholarship will pay up to 50% of a private school tuition, or a maximum of $3,000 per year for grades k-8 and $4,000 per year for high school, depending on the state and school tuition.  Families are responsible for working out a payment plan with the school for the remainder of the tuition.


Questions about the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program should be directed to info@UFAScholarship.com.

Questions about ACE’s private scholarships in Utah should be directed to 856.746.6521 or utsupport@acescholarships.org.


Will ACE Scholarships make public a list of approved students?

No. ACE Scholarships will not publicize a list of students who apply, are awarded or waitlisted. 


Does my child need to take the state standardized test to be part of the UFA program?

No, it is not a requirement of the Utah Fits All Program that a student take a standardized test. In order to maintain eligibility in UFA each year, a student may complete and deliver to ACE Scholarships a portfolio describing the scholarship student’s educational opportunities and achievements for the given year. 

If a student attends a private school where they are already administered a norm referenced test, the family may submit proof that their student was administered the test, and the requirement is fulfilled. 

If a student does not attend a school where they are administered an examination, parents may request that one of the following assessments be administered to their child, fulfilling the requirement in lieu of the portfolio. Optional assessments include a standards assessment, a high school assessment, a college readiness assessment, an assessment of students in grade 3 to measure reading grade level or a nationally norm references assessment. By completing any one of these assessments the requirement would be fulfilled, and the portfolio would be waived.